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Woman Centrifugal Slurry Pump Replacment Spare Parts Impeller Cover Plate Frame Plate High Chrome A05 Polyurethane

BETTER Drilling Fluid Equipment Industrial Limited
BETTER Drilling Fluid Equipment Industrial Limited
City: Dezhou
Province/State: Shandong
Country/Region: China
Tel: 86-534-5737702
Contact Person:
Mr Jim

Woman Centrifugal Slurry Pump Replacment Spare Parts Impeller Cover Plate Frame Plate High Chrome A05 Polyurethane

Brand Name : BETTER
Model Number : Woman AH
Certification : API 7K, 6A, 8C, ISO
Place of Origin : China
MOQ : 1
Price : USD 250.00-300.00 PER SET
Payment Terms : T/T, West Union
Supply Ability : Fast Delivery, Plenty in Stock
Delivery Time : 7-10 days
Packaging Details : Carton, Plywood Case
Material : High Chrome Iron, rubber, urethane
Feature : worman AH series equivalent
Painting color : blue, red, and more
Spare Parts : Impeller,CoverPlate,FramePlate
Sealingtype : Expeller,packing,mechanical seal
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BT-AH series of slurry pump are designed for a wide range of erosive and/or corrosive applications. They are generally used for slurries containing high concentrations of erosive solids or where an extremely heavy duty is required. Some slurry pumps supplied by BT-AH are equivalent to Warwan brand AH series(AHR, AHM, HH), and some fluid end parts and frames are 100%interchangeable with WOMAN OEMs( including Frame type of B, C, D, E, R, ST, TU, S).



*Double-casing structure

*Cover plate and frame with the replaceable wear resistance metal liner or rubber liner made of natural rubber, polyurethane and synthetic rubber ( including impeller, volute liner, frame plate, throatbush

*The pump body and pump casing is made of gray cast iron or wear resistant ductile iron according to the working pressure, with split structure and bolts connection

*The frame plate with front edge are connected with the frame by bolts

*The discharge side can be positioned at an interval of 45° by request and oriented to any eight positions to suit installations and applications

*All the mentioned types, are horizontal direction and runs by clockwise from the shaft end.

We can supply polyurethane spare parts as below with completely interchangable with Woman brand slurry pump.

PartPart codePump model
ImpellerC 21473/2 C-AH
Engine side linerC 3036
Suction side linerC 3017
ImpellerD 31474/3 D-AH
Engine side linerD 3036
Suction side linerD 3017
ImpellerE 41476/4 E-AH
Engine side linerE 4036
Suction side linerE 4017
ImpellerF 61478/6 F-AH
Engine side linerF 6036
Suction side linerF 6018
Throat BushF 6083
10/8 F-AH

Art. Nr.BESCHREIBUNGDESCRIPTIONBASIC Nr.1,5/1 AH1,5 /1 HH2/1,5 AH3 /2 AH3/2 HH4 /3 AH4 /3 HH6 /4 AH6 /4 HH8 /6 AH10 /8 AH12 /10 AH14 /12 AH
1StellschraubeAdjusting Screw001B 001 MC 001 MB 001 MC 001 MD 001 MC 001 ME 001 MD 001 MF 001 ME 001 MF 001 MF 001 MF 001 M
2LagerstuhlBase003B 003 MC 003 MB 003 MC 003 MD 003 MC 003 ME 003 ME 003 MF 003 ME 003 MFAM 003 MFAM 003 MFAM 003 M
3LagergehäuseBearing Housing004B 004 MC 004 MB 004 MC 004 MDD 004C 004 ME 004 MD 004 MF 004 ME 004 MF 004 MF 004 MF 004 M
4LagerpatroneBearing Assembly005B 005 MCAM 005 MB 005 MC 005 MDDAM 005CAM 005 MEAM 005 MDAM 005 MFG 005 MEAM 005 MFAM 005 MFAM 005 MFAM 005 M
5Timken LagerBearing009 A / BB 009C 009B 009C 009Q 009 A /BC 009E 009 A /BD 009F 009 A/BE 009F 009F 009F 009
6SpannscheibeClamp Washer011B 011C 011B 011C 011D 011C 011E 011D 011F 011E 011F 011F 011F 011
7Spannbolzen und -mutterClamb Bolt and Nut012B 012 MC 012 MB 012 MC 012 MD 012 MC 012 ME 012 MD 012 MFM 012 ME 012 MF 012 MF 012 MF 012 M
8Gehäusehälfte saugs.Cover Plate013B 1013CH 1013B 15013C 2013DH 2013D 3013EH 3013E 4013FH 4013F 6013G 8013G 10013G 12013
9GehäusebolzenmutterCover Plate Bolt015B 015 MC 015 MB 015 MC 015 ME 4015 MD 015 MEH 3015 ME 4015 MG 8015 MF 6015 MG 8015 MG 10015 MG 12015 M
10Spiralgehäusehälfte-EinsatzCover Plate Liner017 / 018B 1017––––B 15017C 2017––––D 3017––––E 4018––––F 6018––––––––G 12018
11Bolzen Spiralgehh. saugs.Cover Plate Liner Stud023––––––––––––C 023 M––––D 023 M––––––––––––––––––––––––––––
12LagerdeckelEnd Cover024B 024-10C 024-10B 024-10C 024-10DD 024C 024-10E 024 -10D 024-10F 024-10E 024-10F 024-10F 024-10F 024-10
13AbstandscheibeEnd Cover Shim025B 025C 025B 025C 025DD 025C 025E 025D 025F 025E 025F 025F 025F 025
14Bolzen Gehäusehälfte DruckFrame Plate Liner Insert Stud026B 026 M––––B 026 MC 026 MDAM 026 MC 026 M––––DAM 026 MFH 4026 ME 10026 M––––––––––––
15SechskantschraubenEnd Cover Set Screw027B 027 MB 027 MB 027 MB 027 MD 027 MB 027 MD 027 MD 027 MF 027 MD 027 MF 027 MF 027 MF 027 M
16ZentrifugalradExpeller028B 028CH 028B 028C 028DAM 028D 028EAM 028DAM 028FH 028EAM 028G 028G 028G 028
17Zentrifugalrad-GehäuseExpeller Ring029B 029CH 029B 029C 029DAM 029CAM 029EAM 029DAM 029FH 029EAM 029G 029G 029G 029
18Gehäusehälfte Antr.Frame Plate032B 1032CH 1032B 15032C 2032DH 2032CAM 3032EH 3032DAM 4032FH 4032EAM 6032G 8032G 10032G 12032
19BefestigungsbolzenFrame Plate Bolt034––––––––––––––––DH 034 M––––E 034 MD 034 M––––E 034 M––––––––––––
20Spiralgehh.-Einsatz Antrs.Frame Plate Liner036B 1036––––B 15036C 2036––––D 3036––––E 4036––––F 6036G 8036G 10036G 12036
21Bolzen Spiralgehh. DruckFrame Plate Liner Stud039B 039 MC 039 MB 039 MC 039 M––––C 039 M––––––––FH 039 M––––FAM 039 MFAM 039 MFAM 039 M
22Schr.-Eins. Spiralgehh. DruckFrame Plate Liner Insert Bolt040––––CH 040 M––––––––DH 040––––F 8040––––––––E 10026 MG 8026 MG 8026 MG 8026 M
23Spiralgehh.-Einsatz AntriebFrame Plate Liner Insert041B 1041CH 1041B 15041C 2041DH 2041D 3041EH 3041E 4041FH 4041F 6041G 8041G 10041G 12041
24Spiralgehh.-Einsatz AntriebFrame Plate Liner043––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––G 12043
25StopfbuchsbrilleGland044B 044CH 044B 044C 044D 044C 044E 044D 044F 044E 044G 044G 044G 044
26Hammer-SchraubeGland Bolt045B 045 MC 045 MB 045 MC 045 MD 045 MC 045 ME 045 MD 045 MF 045 ME 045 MG 045 MG 045 MG 045 M
27FangschaleGrease Retainer046B 046C 046B 046C 046––––C 046E 046D 046F 046E 046F 046F 046F 046
28LaufradImpellerVariousB 1127 / 1052CH 1127B 15127C 2147/27DH 2147D 3147EH 3147E 4147FH 4147 AF 6147FAM 8147FAM 10147FAM 12147
29Flanschdichtung saugs.Intake Joint Ring060B 1060CH 1060B 15060C 2060C 2060D 3060EH 3060E 4060FH 4060F 6060G 8060G 10060G 12060
30Wellenmutter & -scheibeLabyrinth Locknut & Washer061B 061C 061B 061C 061––––C 061E 061D 061F 061E 061F 061F 061F 061
31LabyrinthLabyrinth062 A / BB 062-10C 062-10B 062-10C 062-10DX 062 A /BC 062-10EX 062-10 A/BD 062-10FX 062-10 A/BE 062-10F 062-10F 062-10F 062-10
32SperrringLantern Ring063B 063CH 063B 063C 063D 063C 063E 063D 063––––E 063G 063G 063G 063
33O-RingImpeller Sealing »O« Ring064B 217––––B 217C 217F 064D 064 / E 064F 064F 064––––F 064––––––––––––
34ScheibeNeck Ring067B 067CH 067B 067C 067D 067C 067E 067D 067––––E 067G 067G 067G 067
35PassfederPulley Key070B 070––––B 070C 070––––––––E 070D 070F 070E 070F 070F 070F 070
36WelleShaft073B 073 MCAM 073 MB 073 MC 073 MDDAM 073 MCAM 073 MEAM 073 MDAM 073 MFG 073 MEAM 073 MFAM 073 MFAM 073 MFAM 073 M
37WellenschutzhülseShaft Sleeve075 / 076B 075CH 075B 075C 075D 075C 075E 075D 075F 075E 075FAM 075FAM 075FAM 075
38StopfbuchseStuffing Box078B 078CH 078B 078C 078DH 078CAM 078EH 078DAM 078FH 078EAM 078––––––––––––
42EinlaufmuffeThroatbush083––––––––––––––––DH 2083––––EH 3083E 4083FH 4083F 6083G 8083G 10083G 12083
43HaltekeilThroatbush Cotter085––––––––––––––––EH 3085––––EH 3085E 4085E 4085F 6085F 8085G 10085G 10085
44DichtringSeal089 / 090B 090––––B 090C 090D 090C 090E 089 -10D 089-10––––E 089-10––––––––––––
45Dichtring MetallPiston Ring108B 108C 108B 108C 108DD 108C 108E 108D 108F 108E 108F 108F 108F 108
46O-RingShaft »O« Ring109B 109CH 109B 109C 109D 109C 109E 109D 109F 109E 109G 109G 109G 109
47SpiralgehäuseeinsatzVolute Liner110B 1110CH 1110B 15110C 2110DH 2110D 3110EH 3110E 4110FH 4110F 6110G 8110G 10110G 12110
48StopfbuchspackungPacking Ring111B 111CH 111B 111C 111D 111C 111E 111D 111F 111E 111G 111G 111G 111
49Verlängerung Wellen Sch.Shaft Spacer117B 117––––B 117C 117DAM 117CAM 117EAM 117DAM 117FG 117––––FAM 117FAM 117FAM 117
50Sperrring-BuchseLantern Restrictor118B 118CH 118B 118C 118D 118C 118E 118D 118F 118––––––––––––––––
51Expellergehäuse-DichtungExpeller Ring Seal122B 122CH 122B 122C 122EP 122D 122F 122E 122FH 122F 122G 122G 122G 122
52Dichtung Spiralgeh. saugs.Volute Cover Seal124––––––––––––––––––––––––F 8124E 4124G 8124F 8124G 8124G 10124G 12124
53Dichtung Spiralgeh. Antr.Volute Frame Seal125B 1125CH 1125B 15125C 2125DH 2125D 3125––––––––––––––––––––––––––––
54Bolzen f. StopfbuchsbrilleGland Clamp Bolt126B 126 MC 126 MB 126 MC 126 MD 126 MC 126 ME 126 MD 126 ME 126 ME 126 MG 126 MG 126 MG 126 M
55Flachdichtung DruckJoint Ring Discharge132B 1132 LB 1132 LB 15132 LC 2132 LC 2132 LD 3132 LEH 3132 LE 4132 LE 4132 HF 6132 LG 8132 LG 10132 LG 12132 L
56SchmieradapterGrease Cup Adaptor138B 138D 138B 138D 138D 138D 138D 138D 138D 138––––––––––––––––
HYDROLITSEAL789B 789––––B 789C 789––––D 789––––D 789––––E 789F 789F 789––––

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Woman Centrifugal Slurry Pump Replacment Spare Parts Impeller Cover Plate Frame Plate High Chrome A05 Polyurethane Images

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